12.12.07 Crowdkontrol is going through a few changes. Temper is on leave until the Fall while she bears the brunt of twins. In the mean time Dave will step in for drums, who has helped us out in the past with shows, along with Matt Horton joining CK to do live keys and contribute to the next album.

As Crowdkontrol becomes more drum heavy on live shows and our music becomes more drum influenced. Think EBM/Industrial/Taiko. We are still experimenting, but something of a hybrid is evolving here. We are also in the midst of finding additional drummers before our next performance. We will be releasing some demo songs shortly, so keep checking back.

Lineup for our live shows currently:

Mars - Vocals, drums and samples
Leslie0 - Vocals
Matt Horton - Keys and other sound devices
Dave Caudill - Drums

Thanks to everyone, keep listening.

New Album Out Now!

The War On Error v.1

Buy it here.

7.26.07 We are proud to announce that we have signed with BLC Productions for our second release, The War On Error, due in late summer 2007, and for future releases.

We will also have our new track, "Storage", included on BLC Production's next INTERBREEDING X: Execution Chamber compilation CD this year. Crowdkontrol will be joining Assemblage 23 / Symbiont, Implant / ProPulsion, Necrotek, Cold Drive, Toxic Engine, Siva Six and Alien Vampires on this release.

BLC Productions ( is a label dedicated to the Industrial scene that has represented bands including Alien Produkt, Brainclaw, Agonoize and The Pain Machinery. BLC Productions distributes in North America, Europe and digitally worldwide.

Look for additional live dates this summer and fall, along with new videos and releases.

Thanks to everyone who supports Crowdkontrol and thanks to BLC Productions.

3.22.07 The video is done! Take a look on the home page to see it. Let us know what you think! (unless you hate it. we don't want to know.) Or post your comments on Google video. (we love comments.) If you like it, tell your friends...

2.21.07 Lots of news today - Crowdkontrol will be performing at SignalFest 2007 in Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506 for the Goth/Industrial/EBM part of the festival. We'll be with Ego Likeness, Angels on Acid and DJ Mouse. More info here. Come out and see us - we want to see you!

You can now download our "Burn Your God v.2" tracks on Napster! iTunes users will be able to download them soon...

Video is coming in the next couple of days. We swear.

1.29.07 "Burn Your God v.2" on sale through starting today! Go order the CD - be ready to move! Downloads will soon be available...keep checking back for info.

1.24.07 The first Crowdkontrol video is coming! Release date in early February. Mars is busy working with Angle Media Productions to cut all the dark goodness together. The song is "Old Machine", from Crowdkontrol's upcoming second release, "The War On Error". Think reanimation, horror films, conspiracy, bludgeoning noise...

12.18.06 Crowdkontrol has signed with indie label Sonic Prison Records to release Crowdkontrol's CDs starting in January '07. Watch for more news in the coming weeks and info on how to buy tracks/CDs.

09.09.06 The first song from the upcoming full length untitled release from Crowdkontrol, "Controlled Burn", has been uploaded to the Myspace profile. Tracks from the upcoming full length release and the remix cd of the first release, "bURN yOUR gOD", will be posted often over the next weeks, so come by to get your fix.

All videos to be posted shortly for our backing video and produced videos.

And don't forget to catch us at our upcoming shows to hear the new tracks.

Thanks everyone. Mars

07.24.06 Mars and the gang are in the Sonic Prison Studio now writing and recording the new release currently titled "Child Process". What started out as a remix cd with a few new tracks turned into a full CD worth of Industrial goodness. The remix cd will also be released at the same time with 10 remixes of "bURN yOUR gOD" tracks by Crowdkontrol and other Industrial acts. Both CDs should be available by the end of August.

Crowdkontrol should also be shooting a video in September for one of the upcoming songs on "Child Process" called "Old Machine".

Live shows will start again in September, the first being on the 23rd with Taradactyl in New Bern.

So be patient, we will be posting news songs here and on MySpace in the next few weeks.

Thanks everyone from the Sonic Prison.

06.24.06 Lots of great shows and crowds this spring and summer...Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and lots of thanks to Terrorcouple, Heretics in the Lab, Clockwerk, Shadowbunny, and Taradactyl for letting us share the stage with you!

03.01.06 Live show at the Werehouse in Winston-Salem on March 18th. Come out and see fellow acts Clockwerk and Shadowbunny on Industrial Night. More details in the Live section.

02.20.06 New album finished! It had to happen eventually....
The title is "bURN YOUR GOD" and contains 13 tracks which range from fast paced EBM to traditional Industrial, to abstract Noise. Vocal contributions from Corporal Punishment and Temper. CDs are available at all live shows and upon demand via email. Download of various tracks are available here and at, but the complete work is only available on the CD. Thanks to every who supported us in the long process including: Gwen, Jason, Leslie, Olive, Kevin, Stormie, Dave and Will, Adam, Miles, Molly, Eric and Eric (you know who you are). Shows are coming up....

09.19.05 New website is launched. Details on live shows, live line up, new songs and other items available soon.

09.11.05 - New live lineup announced
Mars - synth
Leslie O. (of Cipher) - synth
Corporal Punishment (of Cipher) - vocals
Temper - drums