Crowdkontrol was formed by Mars in 2004. After experimenting with sounds and loops for over 10 years, Crowdkontrol was created to take all of the incomplete sounds and ideas and form them into mind-controlling music. By the beginning of 2005, Crowdkontrol had its first song "wAR" finished, which caught the attention of several regional musicians.

Mars signed up with terrorcouple soon after in 2005 to help out with live keyboards and computers. It turned into a full time experience and Mars soon joined terrorcouple permanently. Crowdkontrol was developed in between live dates and other terrorcouple activities. While terrorcouple took a bit of a "live" break to record, Mars finished up the first release.

The new album "bURN YOUR GOD" is now finished and currently being distributed at live shows and digitally upon request. It is a combination of many styles, though deeply rooted in industrial, and represents the soul of Crowdkontrol. Corporal Punishment contributes vocals to "fANATIC" and "i AM READY". Temper also contributed vocals to "iN THE IN BETWEEN".

While recording, Corporal Punishment has joined in for vocals, along with Leslie X on synths and Temper on drums. Crowdkontrol is currently playing live in the Southeast.

2006 will have many live dates and collaboration with other quality industrial and electronic artists. There is much more that needs to be done.

Mars also proudly works in the following projects:

terrorcouple - A full frontal assault on your senses -
Cipher - a mix of metal, industrial and melodic female vocals
Project Adam - EBM that remembers its roots
The Missing - Mix of acoustic and electronic DnB